The perfect match may be made in heaven, but the delightful memories of unison are best created at Hotel Lakeview, a perfect wedding destination in Saputara. From organizing a wedding with rose petal-strewn aisles to serving an exquisite spread of delicacies and throwing a pre-wedding party by the lake, we give our careful and personalised attention to every small and large detail by our wedding planner team, ensuring that you have everything you need to make your experience extraordinary in this venue.Weddings at Lakeview Hotel can be majestic, royal, classily contemporary, intimate, and everything in between. Offering a diverse set of venues – both indoors and outdoors – each hotel specialises in conceptualising, designing, and crafting the perfect wedding.

Whether there are 3,000 guests or a hundred, the hospitality is equally lavish. The décor is stunning, thematic, and customisable, while the award-winning cuisines will win appreciation in every quarter. The latest audio-visual and technical support are fully available. The happiest memories are made of this.

Rooms For Guest

It’s 91 indulgent guest rooms include 6 suites that blend understated elegance and world class interiors. Our rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed to delight you and make your stay a memorable experience


An act as natural as the union of two souls deserves to be amid nature. So, when Mother Nature extends her hands in the form of beautiful mountain winds, we don’t let it slip out of your fingers.

Banquet Spaces

It doesn’t matter what the size of your gathering is, we have you covered. From a small sangeet to a large wedding reception or wedding hall, we cater to your every need. Our custom curated events are designed to suit all your expectations and restriction.

Customised Menu Creations

We take pride in our culinary creativity. We offer an extensive array of menus to choose from. Alternatively, we can completely custom-design a menu for you, along with your choice of beverages. Whether it is a wedding, an intimate family dinner, a sophisticated cocktail buffet or a grand reception banquet, our special culinary experts will assist you at all stages, from planning to execution.

A Dedicated Team

Each wedding has a team dedicated to it that takes care of the big picture and every minute detail meticulously. Working closely with the hosts to ensure that all requirements are adequately met – from the invites right up to the goodbyes, they also offer wonderful ideas for each aspect of the event.

Wedding Gallery